Zen Ways to Bring the Spa into Your Home


While going to the spa can definitely bring a lot of relaxation and improve your life, it can be expensive and is sometimes out of the range of most people. With some simple changes in your bathroom though, you can have a spa experience every time you decide to take a bath so that you can save money and still be Zen.


Decoration is the easiest way to get a Zen atmosphere in your every day life. Some aspects of spa design are pretty simple to incorporate, such as natural colored finishes and elements of nature such as stones and bamboo. Swap out your light fixtures and upgrade your plastic shower curtain and you will have a spa bathroom – without spending a fortune.

One thing that you should definitely splurge on is a minimum of one high-end bath towel for when you relax. If you are the only one going on getaways, there is no reason to buy an entire set if they are expensive. Don’t forget an equally luxurious bathrobe for when you’re done. It is a splurge, but will bring you years of enjoyment. Nice towels and bathrobes feel better on you skin when you get out of the tub, especially when they come straight out of a towel warmer, which is pretty common in European homes. Find a great selection of towel warmers at thesalonoutlet.com.

One tech thing that you can get for your spa experience is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker made for bathrooms and showers. Wirelessly hook your speaker up to your phone so that you can stream relaxing nature sounds or meditation music. Plus, since it is Bluetooth, you can leave your phone in a different room, making sure that you can stay relaxed while still having your tunes.

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