Where to Go When Shopping in Mumbai

Shopping in Mumbai

So if you happen to visit Mumbai, there is no way that you would miss some best shopping destinations in Mumbai. Mumbai is very popular especially for its shopping malls and boutique. If you want to buy some stuff as souvenirs, there are lots of places that are worth visiting. Check this out, there are some best shopping destinations that tourists should visit.

  • Banda Matrix Department Store is a great place if you are looking for traditional Indian Women’s Clothing. The most popular Indian clothing you can find here are Salwaar Kamez and Kurta Tops.
  • Bandra Waterfield Road Mumbai offers groovy clothes, all of which can be purchased at an affordable price. Since these clothes are offered at fixed prices, there is no chance to bargain. Well, you can also find a wide range of bags, jackets and also jeans.
  • Globus department store is another great place where you can find lingerie, women’s accessories, women’s Indian clothes and on the ground floor you can find other items such as denims, party clothes and women’s western clothes

It seems that shopping in Mumbai for a few days won’t be enough, there are lots of great places that you should visit especially when it comes to shopping.

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