How to Make DIY Hair Feather Accessories

Hair feather accessories have become trending nowadays because the colorful and the gorgeous textures that makes most women want to use this feather accessories for their hair accessories. There are so many feather accessories sold in the accessories stores that provide so many choices of feathers but I would prefer to make the DIY hair feather accessories and here is the tutorial.

DIY Hair Feather Accessories

Follow these steps if you want to make your own simple and pretty hair feather accessories:

  1. Prepare the materials such as the craft feathers, thread with matching colors, sewing needle, bobby pins and also super glue.
  2. Choose one long feather and one short feather.
  3. Thread for about 3 feet through the needle.
  4. Poke the holes through the feather base using push pin or a thumbtack then thread the needles through those holes.
  5. Now you need to warp the thread around your feathers and also between the feathers to make sure the feathers are tied together.
  6. Take the bobby pin and push the feathers through it but leave the wrapped part in the previous steps above the pins. Now wrap the thread around the bobby pin and the feathers just to secure them.
  7. If you see the thread hanging out then tie the ends together or just use the super glue to the threads. Snip away the loose thread if there are any and also the feathers tips.
  8. Now you can try your new and lovely hair feather accessories and show it to your friends and I’m sure they all want to make it too.

So, after reading the article, did you want to try it? Well the steps are easy and you can find other tutorials to make different kind of feather accessories. If you mastered so many techniques then using creativity, you’ll be able to open your own feather accessories business. If you do, then you must find the wholesale feathers to get cheaper price. That’s all and enjoys your new hair feather accessories.

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