Accenting The Wedding Dress

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to think of more than just the dress that you wear. While this is an important component and the focal point of what you’re wearing, you want to look at bridal jewelry sets that will beautifully accent your dress.

You want to match the metals that you wear with your dress. If the dress is completely white, then consider wearing silver or platinum. Pearls are also a good option if you’re looking for something with an antique appeal. Avoid wearing gold with white as it will tend to clash. Any embellishments on the dress should help to decide what color of jewelry you wear. Silver beading would work well with jewelry that has a silver base.

There is no need to go all out with the jewelry and accessories. Sometimes, the most beautiful images are with simple pieces. Think about what your gown already has, such as a long train or lots of bead work. A dress that has a simple style might benefit from more pieces of jewelry, such as a bracelet and necklace. Earrings should blend with how you wear your hair. If it’s left down, then consider wearing simple studs or a small dropped earring.

When it comes to the hair, there are several combs and other items that can be added that have a bit of a jeweled design. You should consider these options if you don’t want to wear a veil. If the wedding is held outside or in the spring or summer, then a flower crown would be a beautiful option. Whatever you decide to wear in the hair, whether it’s a comb or two or a veil that covers the face and blends with the dress, you want to make sure you’re comfortable.

Another part of accessorizing the dress is the midsection. Sometimes, you don’t need anything to accent the middle of the dress, but if there is nothing there or if you want to add a bit of jewelry to this area, then consider a simple belt. Pearls or small stones are options for a belt that will blend with almost any kind of dress.

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